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Learn about your sleep...
by falling asleep.

Who are we?

The Center for Human Sleep Science is located at the University of California, Berkeley, in association with the Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute and the Henry H. Wheeler Jr. Brain Imaging Center.


Directed by Dr. Matthew Walker, research in the lab focuses on the role of sleep (and lack thereof) on human brain function.

We are currently looking for participants to help for an ongoing sleep study.

Who are we looking for?

Healthy adults aged 50 years or older

What is this study about?

The Longitudinal Aging and Sleep Study (LASS) investigates sleep, brain, and cognitive changes in the healthy aging population. Additionally, we explore how these changes may intersect with normal aging.

How are we studying the brain?

Wrist Actigraphy

A watch used to understand your sleep-wake pattern by tracking body motion throughout the day. 

Questionnaires & Cognitive Assessments

Paper and computer tasks that 

assess your sleep, mood, and memory.


A non-invasive measurement of physiological variables such as heart rate, blood pressure, respiration, and electrical brain activity.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

A non-invasive medical imaging technique using magnetic fields to obtain images of the brain.

Want to join the study? Have more questions?
Send a message.

Thank you! We will get back to you as soon as possible.

You can also leave a voicemail to (510) 642 - 8777.

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